About us

We are an organization that favors proximity and personalized relationship, counseling with rigor and professionalism with the sole aim of helping and guiding our customers. The activities of Ervanário Portuense and scope of business are developed around:

  • Production: Packaging of aromatic and medicinal plants for sale wholesale and retail trade;
  • Sell: Distribution and retailing of food products (food and food supplements), homeopathy, flower therapy, aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, personal development books and self-help and comfort products and wellness.

At the same time, we have the Office of Integrative Medicine and Therapies, a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists and therapists, all integrated order to offer holistic care, based on the foundations of Integrative Medicine.


missao.jpg Our mission is to provide customers the best natural products in order to promote health and well-being. Its fundamental aspect of our commitment to quality of service, customer needs and respect for the environment. We try to work on a sustainable economic basis for business growth, expansion and development opportunities for all employees.


visao.jpg Being an organization of sale of natural products of reference, recognized for the quality and diversity of products it sells and be an active agent in the creation of a more responsible community to promote practices that promote health and well-being.


Logo Old


Logo New



Tree - Transmits longevity values, security and balance. Plant leaf - represents nature and modernity. Letter "P" - Since there are many herbal remedies, the word "porto" is the best that identifies and differentiates the company. The initial letter "P" of "porto" allows the rapid identification of our company.


The joint of the three concepts (tree leaf and the letter "P") is born the new logo Ervanário Portuense! The "P" in association with the leaf resembles the tree structure, which conveys values longevity, security and balance.

Política de segurança alimentar

seguranca.jpg Ervanário Portuense has implemented the food safety management system, HACCP, in order to manage and monitor appropriately all internal processes while maintaining or increasing their quality, so as to provide the conditions and the basic activities needed for a food security environment suitable for production, handling and delivery of safe end products and food safe for consumption.
Therefore, Ervanário Portuense has the food security policy:

  • √ Offer your customers the guarantee that the products we produce and sell are safe for consumption;
  • √ Select the best raw materials available in the market;
  • √ Establish a relationship of trust with suppliers and customers;
  • √ Observe permanently the emergence of new food hazards;
  • √ Produce and market products with quality equal or greater than the best competitors;
  • √ Identify consumer needs and market developments;
  • √ Encourage employees to seek solutions to food security problems.
  • √ Continuously improve the management system of food safety with the goal of excellence.

Values and principles

valoresprincipios.jpg Modern societies, with its characteristics of high capacity and innovation, require active intervention, attentive and responsible able to promote health, wellness, balance and improved quality of life.
The responsiveness of the Ervanário Portuense is based on its employees, acting freely and responsibly.
It is in this space of individual freedom that the values and ethical principles are particular relevance and meaning, the accent an internal dynamic of operation referenced in the interests of internal and external customers, the credibility booster among people and community.
We believe that personal ethics and professional ethics is just one. Are the people who are ethical and in that sense, companies earn their ethical character through the people that make up and represent.
Ethics within the company is the same ethics of privacy. There are many ethical, but only an ethic that does not depend on local, country, or time, but is the way to the affirmation of the dignity and fulfillment of man.
Not having institutionalized a "Letter of Ethical Values and Ethical Principles" itself, Ervanário Portuense is governed however by certain standards, with particular reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and by a set of values and standards of conduct long established and enshrined in commercial relations.
Thus, Ervanário Portuense shares the following ethical values:

  • Professional Service Principle – employees are to customer service, always prevailed their interests over private interests and the company.
  • Principle of Legality – employees act in accordance with the law and with the law.
  • Principle of Justice and Fairness – employees in the exercise of their activity, must deal fairly and impartially all the people, acting on strict principles of neutrality.
  • Principle of Equality – employees can not benefit any person on the basis of ancestry, sex, race, language, political, ideological or religious belief, economic or social condition.
  • Principle of Collaboration and Good Faith – employees in the exercise of their activity, should collaborate with clients and colleagues, according to the principle of good faith, with a view to achieving the client's interests, and encourage their participation activity business.
  • √Principle Information and Quality – employees should provide information and/or clarification of clear, simple, courteous and fast.
  • Loyalty principle – employees in the exercise of their activity must act loyally, supportive and cooperative.
  • √ Integrity principle – employees are governed according to the criteria of personal honesty and integrity of character.
  • Principle of competence and responsibility – employees act in a responsible and competent, dedicated and critical, engaging in professional and personal development.
  • Confidentiality principle – employees shall not disclose or use for their own profit, confidential information related to commercial transactions, and to preserve confidentiality of all professional nature issues, property or personnel.

How do we do it


In stores, you can count on professionals always available to better assist and clarify how the natural and complementary therapies help to find the balance, well-being and achieve health. We invest in continuous and specialized training of our employees as means of evolution and constant updating.


Bureau of Medicine and Integrative Therapies

In the case of Medicine and Integrative Therapies we have a multidisciplinary team composed of physicians, acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths, reflexologists, nutritionists and masseurs. This team, able to respond effectively and professionalism, develops its work in a holistic perspective of the human being.